FBI raid of Trump Mar-A-Lago home & Indictment
Special counsel Jack Smith took over the case in November 2022. In June 2023, Smith’s team indicted Trump on 37 counts, accusing him of unauthorized retention of defense information, conspiring to obstruct justice, withholding government documents, scheming to conceal information from a grand jury, and causing false statements to be made to the government. They also charged Trump’s personal aide Walt Nauta on six counts, accusing him of making false statements to the FBI and conspiring with Trump to conceal information.

This will end up in The Supreme Court - in 2025!

from The Gray Area:
8/16/23; updated 8/18/23:

The most recent indictment of Donald Trump in Georgia is so full of Constitutional issues there is no way it won't end up in The Supreme Court. The left is already teeing this up as Trump's saving grace. They are renewing and ramping up their attacks on the 'Trump' Supreme Court, Justice Clarence Thomas and their narrative on the Court's radical conservative view of our country. Because of the Constitutional issues, when the case reaches the Supreme Court, any group of Justices would have to throw out the case and any guilty verdict. The Democrats know that and that their crusade will end in disappointment. The problem for our country is that by the time the verdict comes, mid 2024, the earliest The Supreme Court would hear it would be after the November 2024 election. If the Democrats win that election, they will certainly make good on their threats to pack the Court which would enable them to install Justices who will dependably vote ideologically, not constitutionally. Do not pay attention to media narratives about Trump as a danger to our democracy. Timing, constitutionality and political maneuvering are the three things to watch in this case (and the other cases).

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