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from The Gray Area:
Certain reporters and politicians, on any given day, can give you a word salad of political narratives and woke nonsense that leave you scratching your head. VP Kamala Harris is famous for speeches which say absolutely nothing, but include 1,000 words. The article below by Greg Sargent, of The Washington Post, is a random example today. The headline is: How the ‘MAGA doom loop’ is already threatening Trump’s 2024 chances. Here is a sample of the political narratives which sprinkle this article:
  • Republicans have defended or embraced Donald Trump’s authoritarianism — from lies about his 2020 loss to inciting an insurrection —
  • Americans proved unexpectedly eager to vote in defense of democracy in the 2022 elections
  • [Republicans have responded with] ... even more flagrantly anti-democratic maneuvers all around the country
  • Republicans are redoubling their commitment to the former president’s anti-majoritarian mode of politics.
  • the “MAGA doom loop.”
  • MAGA loyalists try to reshape [Michigan] Republican Party around devotion to the “big lie.”
  • the [Republican] party’s descent into MAGA mania is alienating donors
  • landslide election loss [in Wisconsin]
  • pass new voting restrictions [in North Carolina]
  • North Carolina is getting bluer and more college educated
  • Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper shows in his book “Laboratories of Autocracy,”
  • states have a long history of such anti-democratic retrenchment.
  • democracy is once again in peril [in 2024]
  • All of this syncs up with what political science tells us
  • As long as the MAGA-Trump faction remains a threat to free and fair elections,
Wow! That is quite a mouthful of political narrative support. Such restatement tends to ingrain these messages into the public's mind. Thus, the media's focus is to repeat them as much as possible. Remember, none of the above is an election issue.  These are political narratives, not political issues. For example, voting integrity and voter confidence in elections IS an issue.  'Republican voter restrictions' is not an issue, it is a narrative around voting that the media want  you to grab hold of because it disadvantages their political opposition and advantages them. Others are simply political narratives, political nonsense or straight out lies. The reason why you see so much of this now is easy to identify, the 2024 election. The real purpose of this piece, and others like it, can be found in this one nugget from the article - crucial battleground states. Highlighted are Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan & North Carolina. Randomly selected, I think not. Specifically selected to try to move the needle to the Democrats in those states. But, isn't the media supposed to report news? LOL, yes. But, instead they repeat political messages from the left. A couple of quotes taken from the article:
  • Democrats will surely be able to use those MAGA-approved tactics to mobilize voters against Trump and Republicans in 2024.
  • Trump is still very likely to win Ohio in 2024,
  • Despite President Biden’s unpopularity, recent Times polling shows his surprising resilience in swing states —
  • Cohn suggests this partly reflects backlash against MAGA-fied state parties
  • the MAGA doom loop might keep on working its magic — all the way through 2024.
It is important today to separate political narratives from political issues.  Once you understand the language and the intent, it is not hard to do. And once you do, you can see clearly what the issue is and what the deception from the narratives is all about. More From The Washington Post:

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