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Biden & Trump reach out to Nikki Haley's supporters

from The Gray Area:
Trump invites Nikki Haley's supporters to 'join the greatest movement in the history of our nation' Biden reaches out to Nikki Haley's supporters after she drops out Not a surprise, really, that Trump would reach out to Haley's supports,  but Joe Biden! There is the story and a peek into the Democrat campaign strategy against Trump for the rest of this year.. Read/watch the left wing media like MSNBC, Democrats sneer at Haley's failure. Democrats 'sneer' they say because she made a big mistake by not attacking Trump harder from the beginning of her campaign. They believe she could have gotten more traction that way, If you looked at Morning Joe today, the narratives were misleading and false and the emotion coming from Joe Scarborough was almost uncomfortable to watch as he attacked Trump & Trump voters. That is what the Democrats feel will work against Trump and they wanted Haley (or someone) from the right to do the same thing. But, they did not. Biden is hoping there are enough Never-Trumpers in Haley's camp to help him out. It will only take a couple, and Biden will use them in his campaign ads to try to crack Trump's hold on the Republican voters. More From FoxNews: More From FoxNews:

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