One of the 4 or 5 greatest documents in the history of civilization, the US Constitution, created and has served for 225 years to strengthen to basic freedoms on which the United Sates of America was founded. George Washington, who presided over the Constitutional Convention, put the importance of the document and its principles this way: "Toward the preservation of your government and the permanency of your present happy state, it is requisite, not only that you steadily discountenance irregular oppositions to its acknowledged authority, but also that you resist with care the spirit of innovation upon its principles, however specious the pretexts. One method of assault may be to effect in the forms of the Constitution alterations which will impair the energy of the system, and thus to undermine what cannot be directly overthrown." To continually water down through constant "innovations"...isn't that what we are dealing with now? The Marxist left constantly sings the about the need to make the Constitution a "living document" and is irrelevant in its current form because it is out of date. Washington told us to be on guard for such tactics over two hundred years ago. It will serve us well right now to heed his warnings.For an issue by issue discussion of the Constitution, see the EPOCH Times , Defending the Constitution. It discusses the fallacy of a living constitution, the brilliance of the second amendment, racism, sexism, understanding the Constitution, and much more. An educational read, full of fact & truth, not politics and political correctness.

A beautiful thing to see on Constitution Day

from The Gray Area:

Today is the 236th anniversary of the signing of our Constitution, Constitution Day! The National Constitution Center has some ideas and resources to help you celebrate Constitution Day. You can also read about the history of Constitution Day, and visit, a website dedicated solely to celebrating the day and the Constitution. An easy day to pass on the calendar or the ignore. We should not do either. Simply read teh Preamble to the COnstitution and be amazed. Better yet, watch these children recite it from memory!

From Hillsdale College:

On September 17, 1787, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the Constitution of the United States in Independence Hall in Philadelphia. The date remains significant for all Americans who cherish this document that enshrines our freedoms. For over a decade, Hillsdale College has commemorated Constitution Day with a celebration in the nation’s capital. We gather scholars on the Constitution and American politics to speak to an audience of elected officials, public thought leaders, and professionals in Washington, D.C., which is home to our Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship and our Van Andel Graduate School of Government. From the time of the College’s founding in 1844, studying the U.S. Constitution has been an essential part of our undergraduate students’ course work. Today, each student must take a semester-long course in the Constitution in order to graduate. This requirement reflects Hillsdale’s commitment to offer the kind of education that helps preserve the blessings of civil and religious liberty. We believe that students must know and understand the principles of free government in order to help perpetuate it. To celebrate Constitution Day, the first-grade class at Hillsdale Academy recorded their recitation of the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution. I think you will be very impressed by these young students.

More From Hillsdale College:

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