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CDC says COVID-19 cases in U.S. may be 10 times higher than reported

from NBCNews,

The true number of Americans who've been infected with COVID-19 may top 20 million, according to new estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "Our best estimate right now is that for every case that's reported, there actually are 10 other infections," Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the CDC, said on a call with reporters Thursday.

“This virus causes so much asymptomatic infection,” Redfield said. Most of these people don’t even have any symptoms, meaning they don’t suffer from it.

Well, as of yesterday the total number of COVID-19 deaths — this according to Johns Hopkins University — is 124,355. That’s the number of deaths. If 23 million Americans have been infected, if that’s the 10-times number — we know number of deaths is what it is. We don’t know the number of cases. Obviously if he’s willing to say it’s 10 times more than what we thought, well, that would mean 23 million Americans have been infected. The death toll is 124,000. That means the fatality rate is 0.5. Now, the flu fatality rate is 0.1%. This is a vastly different picture than what we were told. Remember, we were told initially that the coronavirus death toll was 10 times that of the flu.

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