Mayorkas impeachment

Did you really say that?

from The Gray Area:

The subhead of the Washington Post story today regarding the impeachment of Sec. Mayorkas said this: Democrats warned Republicans against setting a precedent of using impeachment to settle policy differences. Did you really say that? It is hard to stop laughing when you read this. The Democrats spent 4 years doing just that to Donald Trump, and continue to, yet they have the political balls to say that and the arrogance to think no one remembers. Look, the Mayorkas impeachment will get no further in the Senate than any of the Trump 'policy' impeachments did. So why don't the Republicans show some maturity that the Democrats didn't show and pass on this opportunity to get their pound of flesh? There are those Republicans who will argue that putting the border issue on the front page for months is worth it. That he has violated his oath of office, abused the powers of his office, and betrayed the trust of the American people, endangering the constitutional republic. His misconduct is so reckless, so irresponsible, and so serious that he should be impeached. That distracting Biden and the Democrats with this impeachment is worth it. While others say, you are exactly right about the charges, but since its not going anywhere in the Senate, and you only have a 2 vote gap in the House, this could be very embarrassing and it wastes everyone's time! As far as I'm concerned, I go with the not worth it side. I say pound the media the rest of the year with why Republicans are not going to play the partisan political games the Democrats did and are doing to Trump. However, the truth is, the left wing media will not publish those messages. But they wont publish positive message this way either. Play to your strengths, not to the other guys strengths. Offer policy solutions and facts that every Republican politician can repeat in soundbite size, ad nauseum, every time a microphone is put in their face. That would be better than a partisan impeachment.

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