A center-right ideology similar in many ways to Conservatism. They believe in a strong economy, using capitalism, that benefits all. Free markets vs government engineering to create new goods & services, with focus on attention to the human element. They believe in minimal state intervention in the free market and the private lives of citizens. In foreign policy they are non-interventionist. Market forces can figure out policy with energy, healthcare, education, etc without government intervention. They are not fans of a 'Central Bank' control of money.

Is a 'unified' America possible anymore?

from The Gray Area:

I haven’t said much since election day. Reason is that there is so much going on, so much is unsettled, the election is not yet final, except in the minds of the media, I thought I would wait. Then I heard Biden again talk about ‘unifying' the country - - and I had to laugh. That is so much political BS! He has no way to unify the country, period, and he knows it! If someone makes that point to you ask them these questions:

  • Which Republican policies will he and the Democrats accept?
  • Which Democrat policies will the Republicans accept?
The answer to both questions is - NONE! So how do we get unified?
  • Which Republican policies will he and the Democrats negotiate? Answer: NONE
  • Which Democrat policies will the Republican’s be willing to negotiate? Answer: SOME. (For which they will get unending harassment!)
And further, AOC and others on the left want to develop lists of Trump supporters to ‘cancel’. Does this sound like unity? Of course, not. Today's Democrats do not attempt to cross the center line. At least Trump crossed it a little during his 4 years (prison reform, stop endless wars, paid sick leave, child care). The media and the Democrats say everything is better now that Trump is gone. Really? 72M people supported Trump and his policies. Supposedly, 75+M supported Biden and his polices. So about 50% of the country was happy under Trump and 50% unhappy. The same number of people are happy and unhappy now, it is just that the sides may have flipped. Now the Dems are happy. Isn’t it interesting that that makes the Dems think ‘everybody' is now happy? The reason they think that way is that ‘unity' to them is when they are happy. For everyone else, unity means control, submission and surrender. Biden will unify the country if Republicans will embrace Democrat policies willingly or under pressure. Either way is fine. But, it will not be through negotiation.

Any opportunity for unity will have to come from somewhere else and something like this. Charles Koch has offered to find a way to discover common ground for a ‘unified' America. A great idea! But, who on the left will join him? George Soros? Bill Gates? Jack Dorsey? Mark Zuckerberg? Tom Steyer? etc…? No, none will. They are all too far left, Marxist, socialist, globalists. If someone would come forward as Koch's left wing partner to share the same objective, they would create an unbeatable force. I don’t expect that, but I can pray for it. (If Biden will continue to allow prayer.)

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