There is probably no clearer example of the partisan political divide than with regard to the issue of immigration. From border states like Texas and Arizona where the problem is illegal immigration and criminal activity to other states like California and Washington who need temporary farm laborers and skilled technology workers, the immigration issue is hotly debated. Unfortunately, the radical fringe of both the left (more minority immigrants=more votes) and right (build a wall & no path to citizenship for illegals) are controlling the immigration conversation with absolutely no attention to the what is best for America. Unlike a few other issues, this issue is ripe for a compromise solution if only the majority of both the left and right would stand up and recognize there is little that separates you on this issue. Lets regain our common sense on this issue and get the radicals out of the way.

Toward a 21st-Century Asylum System

from TPPF,

What to Know: A Washington Times editorial says the Trump administration’s new rules on asylum will help address the crisis at the border. “But the asylum law was not supposed to be an invitation to unlimited economic migration,” the editorial reads. “But that is how the law is currently functioning, with Central Americans making their way here by the tens of thousands every month. They have learned exactly how to push the system's buttons in order to secure long-term permission to be inside the U.S., and this is why detention centers near the border are overflowing." The TPPF Take: Congress should follow the administration’s lead and reform the asylum system. “The current U.S. asylum system was designed for the Cold War and the exigencies of that era,” says TPPF’s John Daniel Davidson. “Today we face new challenges, and we need an asylum system that above all serves the national interest first. Enhanced border security measures and strict immigration enforcement will not, on their own, significantly reduce the number of migrants crossing the border.”

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