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What is 'freedom'?

from The Gray Area:

Notice the difference in the first paragraphs of these two articles on the protests this weekend in Cuba. One describes 'freedom' as an 'anti-government slogan'. The other describes 'freedom' as the objective of 'anti-government protests'.

It makes you ask yourself, what is 'freedom'?

Apparently to the left wing media, 'freedom' is not necessarily a good thing, but instead a destabilizing 'anti-government slogan'. Curious, and very telling.

Five years ago, Pres Obama began to open up relations with Cuba, which at the time was recognized as a bad decision, and now seems clearly a mistake.

To most people 'freedom' is the consistent goal of protestors in every communist and other tyrannical government throughout the world and throughout history. And, when they protest for 'freedom', they usually carry the US flag as a symbol of 'freedom'.

In this country, we see protestors burning US flags, defacing US Flags, carrying US flags upside down and American athletes turning their backs on the national anthem & Flag.

Those of us in the US need to recognize this simple, but critically important, distinction and stop taking our 'freedom' for granted, and stop accepting unfounded criticism of American 'freedom' and exceptionalism as factual or real.

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