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Project 2025's Four Pillars - 'Over the Target'

from The Gray Area:

Here is the way Wikipedia summarizes Project 2025's four pillars:

In the Mandate's foreword, the Heritage Foundation president Kevin Roberts writes: "The long march of cultural Marxism through our institutions has come to pass. The federal government is a behemoth, weaponized against American citizens and conservative values, with freedom and liberty under siege as never before."[19] Project 2025's director is Paul Dans, who served as chief of staff at the Office of Personnel Management during the Trump administration. Spencer Chretien, a former special assistant to Trump, serves as associate director.[20] Dans, also an editor of the project's guiding document, explains that Project 2025 is "built on four pillars": Pillar I, a 30-chapter, 920-page book called Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise, which presents "a consensus view of how major federal agencies must be governed"; Pillar II, a personnel database to "be collated and shared with the President-elect's team", open to the public for submissions; Pillar III, an "online educational system" called the Presidential Administration Academy; and Pillar IV, a "playbook" designed for "forming agency teams and drafting transition plans to move out upon the President's utterance of 'so help me God.

The rest of the Wikipedia definition uses radical left scare language and political narratives to describe the effort. Everything it says about Project 2025 is the opposite of reality. The Project is designed to have an impact on the Marxist takeover of our government and reclaim our government for the people.

A public education and mobilization initiative to counter Project 2025, described as the Republicans’ blueprint attack on gender, immigration, racial equality, climate change, abortion, democracy, and more has been established by 'Stop The Coup'. They say that 'the GOP’s draconian vision for America is an unprecedented attack on our democracy and call for autocracy'. This kind of dramatic, over the top reaction from the left confirms the Project 2025 team is 'over the target'.

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