"never excluded"

from The Gray Area:

Occasionally in our heated political environment a moment of clarity develops. Something occurs organically which parts the clouds that purposely hide reality from the citizenry. Sometimes to the point where opposition leaders and media have to say “ something unprecedented is happening “. That is evident in the BBC article, French march against antisemitism shakes up the far right and the far left. The political narratives, applied to the right by the media and the left everywhere in the world, collapse in a slight wind like the house of cards they. As Serge Klarsfeld said in this article “For me the DNA of the far right is antisemitism. So when I see a big party of the far right abandon antisemitism and negationism and move towards our Republican values, naturally I rejoice." His premise is now proven totally false, yet he believes it was a change by the right, not that the change should be in him recognizing the error of his views. Of course, as an 88 yr old Nazi-hunter, it is natural for him to identify the right with far-right Nazis. It is hard for him to make a distinction between ‘republican’ values and the hard right as they are all now referred. It is also hard for the media and the left to believe “the party (left) built on ideas of human rights and equality stands accused of antisemitism for failing to call Hamas "terrorist". How could that be. How could our belief systems be so wrong, and worse totally opposite from reality. These distinctions are obvious to those on the right who are regularly accused of being racist, antisemitic, homophobic, violent, et al. These accusations have never been true, just political narratives designed to demonize those on the right for political advantage. This works because the media also occupy this leftward space and promote the narratives. “It is hard to overestimate the symbolic significance of this switch-over” says BBC writer Hugh Schofield, signaling his acceptance as truth the message of those political narratives. He is now surprised at the change, “for the first time ever”, when there is no change at all to be surprised about. Only loud, hateful roars from the left in the streets create enough light that even the media cannot ignore. Is it true that you can find antisemitism and racist people on the right, of course it is, but they are very few. When Trump was elected in 2016 there was a KKK rally in support of Trump (supposedly) in North Carolina that the media made a big deal about. 12 people attended. The media will highlight a single incident on the right to make it seem like many because that is their mistaken belief and false narrative. When many antisemitic & racist incidents happen on the left, the media ignore them, because they don’t fit that narrative they prefer. The best recent example of that is the 2020 Summer of love George Floyd riots, and the school shooting by a trans woman ranting about white privilege. One fit the racist narrative and was proclaimed justified and mostly peaceful. Not true in either case. The other supported a gun control narrative, but being trans and violent against white people and children didn’t , so it was ignored. The left and the media like to think they make appropriate distinctions between the left and the far left. This statement proves they don’t. “The far left meanwhile - the Communists, the Trotskyists and the new formations like Mr Mélenchon's LFI - were certainly attacked for their views, but they were never excluded.” ‘Never excluded’. And this is why these political reactions seem so contradictory to people. The political narratives they listened to, repeat & believe have always been false. Those applied to the right enmasse without distinction and those applied to the left are totally opposite reality. We’ll see how long before the light now shining will be extinguished and the media revert back to their preferred, though false, political narratives.

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