California was never a slave state!

from The Gray Area:

Reparations is a basically bad idea on the surface. In California, it is factually stupid & laughable. California was never a slave state, so what are they repairing? Did California have freed black slaves who moved to California? Of course, it did. Because it was free! You could argue then that California provided everything freed black slaves needed. Why do they owe anything to 4 generations of black ancestors? Basically, California is making a political point against the history of slavery in the US. Consistent with left wing ideology, as explained by former President Obama in 2008, it also appears to be a wealth transfer.

Facts would be important here. A generation of Americans is being raised on half-truths and lies about the history of slavery in America. They are given the impression that America was uniquely bad and that American slavery was uniquely bad. They learn nothing about slavery elsewhere. Among the many lies they are told are that “black slaves built America” and that America is systemically racist. Since the only mortal enemy of the Left is truth, here are some truths about slavery. America’s Slavery Compared to Slavery Elsewhere. Once understanding this, you can see that slavery, systemic racism and reparations are political narratives, and only political narratives. Slavery is understood to be an abhorrent evil which this country sadly participated in. It is also long over and freed blacks have made significant lives out of the freedom in America for 158 years. Lets get on with it. This is useful perspective from someone who actually had relatives who were slaves and is also appropriate to understand in this debate.My Ancestors Were Slaves. Here’s What I Think of Reparations. Enough said!

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