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RFK, Jr. making inroads as 2024 Democrat candidate

from The Gray Area:

Many of you have probably noticed this, but the propaganda media is keeping it quiet so far. There is a very interesting development occurring in the Democrat Party, with the entrance of Robert F Kennedy, Jr. into the 2024 presidential race against Biden. He has come out against biological boys competing against women in sports ( ) and been very critical of the COVID vaccine and its mandates ( ). These are two directly opposite positions to those of Joe Biden and the progressive cartel that supports him. I expect Kennedy will come out with more common sense positions like this since he is catching some attention and his slogan, ‘I’m a Kennedy Democrat’, attempts to signal a different direction. Regular Democrats who have had to stay quiet since their party was taken over by the radicals, may now begin to wake up and take a more reasonable position on issues. Kennedy is now polling at around 19% and getting the negative attention of the Biden forces ( ). This will be interesting to watch in the coming months. Will RFK Jr continue this strategy? Will the media continue to censor him? Will they just line up to defend Biden? What will Biden do in response? Will this significantly split the Democrat vote? What will the Republicans do when a Democrat attempts to take their positions away? Will this potential split in the Democrat Party against Biden help or hurt the Republicans who are fighting their own split against Trump? Should be interesting…..

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