Electoral College

Now the focus turns to January 5th & 6th

from The Gray Area:

Joe Biden Officially Captures Enough Electoral Votes to Win Presidency.

Now the focus turns to January 5th, the Senate runoff in Georgia, and January 6th, the formal Congressional review and approval of the Electoral College results. After those two dates we will know if the country can be saved or not!

from The Wall Street Journal,

Electoral College conducts business in environment of heightened significance amid Trump protests.

The outcome, according to an Associated Press tally, came as President Trump—with the backing of many Republicans—continued to dispute November’s election results.

The next major step in the process of electing the president comes Jan. 6, when Vice President Mike Pence is expected to preside over a joint session of Congress in which the totals from each state will be counted and an outcome declared.

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