Immediately, when the Coronavirus panic exploded, everyone went out and bought every mask of every type they could find and began to hoard them for the coming pandemic disease holocaust. The result was not enough medical masks, (N95 type) for nurses, doctors and other first responders. Like everything else regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, this too became a political football.

A New Turn in the Fight Over Masks

from The Atlantic,

For many Americans, wearing a mask has become a relic. But fighting about masks, it seems, has not. Masking has widely been seen as one of the best COVID precautions that people can take. Still, it has sparked ceaseless arguments: over mandates, what types of masks we should wear, and even how to wear them. A new review and meta-analysis of masking studies suggests that the detractors may have a point. The paper—a rigorous assessment of 78 studies—was published by Cochrane, an independent policy institution that has become well known for its reviews. The review’s authors found “little to no” evidence that masking at the population level reduced COVID infections, concluding that there is “uncertainty about the effects of face masks.” That result held when the researchers compared surgical masks with N95 masks, and when they compared surgical masks with nothing.

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