Immediately, when the Coronavirus panic exploded, everyone went out and bought every mask of every type they could find and began to hoard them for the coming pandemic disease holocaust. The result was not enough medical masks, (N95 type) for nurses, doctors and other first responders. Like everything else regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, this too became a political football.

So Which Is It?

from The Gray Area:

Apparently now mask wearing is a sign of good vs evil, and Donald Trump, of course, is the personification of that evil.

Media & Democrats view:

Trump & Conservatives view:

Mandatory Masks Aren’t About Safety, They’re About Social Control

So which is it? Social control or safety & concern for others?

Clearly the issue of wearing masks is more complex than just these two positions. The correct answer is both.

However, politically, these are the only two camps. And, we will watch each side fight it out over mask wearing, just they as they stake extreme positions on other issues and fight it out.

Being told to do anything is social control, period. So those who poo-poo the position of social control are of two camps. One, blind to the reality. Two, part of the ideology that wants more social control from the top. Yes, it is happening.

As for safety, yes, there is a case to be made for mask wearing. The case is this. If you feel safer wearing a mask, then wear a mask. No problem. If a company want sits workers to ear a mask, then wear a mask or work somewhere else. Your choice. If a company wants its customer to wear a mask when they come into their business, then wear and mask or shop somewhere else.

The concept that anyone who does not wear a mask does not care for their fellow man is idiotic. An American has rights, and your rights go only as far as my rights. When your rights conflict with my rights, we go our individual and separate ways. That is the essence of freedom on America.

Can someone actually be callous and disregard public safety, of course they can. Simply not wearing a mask is not necessarily that person. Having VOCID-19, walking around spreading the disease would be callous disregard. Simply wearing a mask does not mean you are caring for your fellow man. It has become a symbol on the left that says I am a good person if i wear a mask and you are not if you don't wear a mask. Easy therefore to identify those who care vs those who don't. That is B---S---. It does nothing at all for the problem. Just states a political position - and now we are back to politics and only two camps.

There are three types of COVID - 19 people today. 1. Comfortable. After 3 months of quarantine, masks and economic lockdown, they feel perfectly safe going out in public, not wearing a mask and going to work. These people make the other two groups nervous. 2. Cautious. These people are afraid of getting sick, not infecting other people. They don't believe they are sick and want to keep it that way. They are not really interested in going out, touching something someone else touched, they may wear a mask or not, and will go back to work under certain circumstances. They don't know when this feeling will ever leave them. 3. Scared. These people have been scared to death by the media and the COVID alarmists. They wont go out, they must wear and mas ans you mist wear a mask, they will not go back to work and think it is dangerous for anyone else to go back to work. They will tell you this will end when a vaccine is approved that eliminates the virus. Yet they will also tell you they know other diseases and risks await them in the world even IF COVID is destroyed. These people may never leave their home again. No one knows if these are equally represented groups, 1/3 of the populations for each, but lets say they are until some data proves it one way or another. Just recognizing that is what we are dealing with should help everyone. And, we also know three things about COVID - 19. 1. Most don't get it. 98% of people recover 2. Densely populated areas are risky. 3. Serious for vulnerable groups of people. If you are going into a densely populated area; a city, a business, a meatpacking plant or, heaven forbid, a nursing home, be overly cautious, wear a mask, etc.. If you are going out to dinner, and the restaurant does not require guests to wear masks but they require their staff to wear gloves and masks, then relax and enjoy yourself. If you are in your yard, going to your mailbox or driving your car and not wearing a mask and someone complains, tell them to Go To Hell.

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