Immediately, when the Coronavirus panic exploded, everyone went out and bought every mask of every type they could find and began to hoard them for the coming pandemic disease holocaust. The result was not enough medical masks, (N95 type) for nurses, doctors and other first responders. Like everything else regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, this too became a political football.

Everyone is Surprised?

from The Gray Area:

Monday's decision by a federal court judge in Florida to halt the mask mandate was a surprise to everyone, and to no one. Democrats are saying this is a catastrophe. A decision by a Trump appointed judge, in DeSantis' Florida, subjecting the country to disease and death. Who could do such a thing. DOJ says it may appeal the decision if health needs require it. Removal of mandate sparks worry. More ammunition for packing the court. Republicans are equally surprised that a federal judge would actually uphold the Constitution and law of the land in recognizing that the CDC had no mandate from Congress to set such a mandate. Removal of mandate sparks joy. Surprised that freedom reigns again in the USA and people can decide for themselves to wear, or not wear, a mask. What a concept!

Watch Passengers React Mid-Flight to the End of Biden’s Mask Mandate

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