Unacceptable Behavior

from The Gray Area:

The media and left wing politicians are up in arms for the classless display during President Biden's State of the Union address Tuesday night when two Republican Congresswomen jumped and shouted at President Biden. The media & the left are over doing it for political purposes, but they have a point. We should have more class than that. I didn't like it when Trump was President or when Obama was President and I don't like it now. You could make an excuse for Rep.'s Boebert & Greene who were shouting when Biden commented on support for troops. Unfortunately for them, he completed the thought with mention of his experience in losing his own son at about the time they shouted. Clearly they were not disrespecting his son's death. They just got caught anticipating one thing and got something else. We've all been there. But, still, we should not be shouting down speakers. Shouting out at speakers or trying to shut them down by making noise is unacceptable behavior, period. This tactic is used on college campuses everyday to conservative speakers, yet no one in Congress or social media seems to be concerned about that. Protestors get in the face of private citizens and shout in their faces. Democrat Congresspeople say, 'keep it up'. Yet these events are somehow justified in the mind of the media. The left, the media, and Republicans get upset when such behavior comes from the right. When this behavior comes from the left, only the right is upset. By the way, is it okay for a Speaker of the House to sit behind the President of the United States and make faces? Is is okay for a Speaker of the House to tear up pages of his speech, on camera, standing behind the President? No! That is unacceptable behavior. It falls into the same category as above, only the right is upset about that display.

Is there a message here? It is also unacceptable for an elected official, including the President, to stand in front of Congress & the American people and lie, or have his words and his actions contradict each other. Biden certainly does that with regularity and he did it on Tuesday night. Obama did it. The left will say Trump did it. Political puffery is one thing, and to be expected from politicians, but not purposeful deception. Boebert & Greene were reacting to that deception Tuesday night. The left would argue that so was Pelosi. But, it is still unacceptable behavior to disrespect or shout down a speaker in any public or private forum. Both the left & the right need to learn this lesson, or already high levels of incivility will increase. Someone in position of leadership, set a positive example, please.

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