Targeting Florida
Have you noticed new stories since COVID, and increasing so since the November 2022 elections, concerning the state of Florida? Have you noticed these stories have a messaging undertone that is negative? Have you noticed they are associated with many topics, not just one? Have you noticed they make a passing statement about Ron DeSantis leadership? Have you noticed some, on particularly important politicla narratives, are direct attacks on Gov DeSantis? Have you noticed that the one thing the left wing media like about Donald Trump are his attacks on DeSantis? They get repeated as truth! This is all part of the coordinated media attack on Florida as a result of the success of Gov Ron DeSantis and his run for the 2024 Republican Presidential nomination. He is viewed as the, second to Trump, most dangerous politician to the far left (Biden), radical agenda. You can always tell how much they fear you by how loud, frequent and outrageous are the claims & complaints.
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