D Day

D-Day, not just another day at the beach

from The Gray Area:

Who are your heroes?

Some might said your parents, your grandparents, other relatives, coaches, teachers, musicians, movie stars, athletes, if you are religious you might say Jesus or Muhammad. All good choices.

In a time of relative peace for people of the USA, it is hard for many, especially those born after 911, who are now approaching 20 years old, to have any appreciation for real heroes. Those who risked and/or gave everything for someone, everyone or no one in particular, doing it just because it was right.

Today, the 77th anniversary of D-Day, The Invasion of Europe, is a good day to remember how young men, 18-22 years of age, the age of many born after 911, gave everything they had to storm a beach, climb a sheer cliff, in face of constant gunfire and artillery fire, to fight back tyranny. To make our day at the beach, one where we are not under fire and remain free.

At a time in our country where freedom is at stake from attacks other than gunfire, remember those D-Day heroes. Some may be your fathers or grandfathers.

Stop sometime today to say a thankful prayer, or give a brief moment of silence in their honor. And commit to do your part to keep America free!

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