Iran releases footage it says disproves drone was downed by US

from BBC,

What does the Iranian video purportedly show? The video shows black and white aerial views of warships moving in water, indicating the time, the date and the geographical co-ordinates. Iranian state TV said it was taken by the drone alleged to have been downed, as it flew over an American amphibious group led by the USS Boxer - the navy ship in question.

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), who published the footage, said it was taken "before and even after the time Americans claim" to have destroyed their drone. But the pictures are inconclusive, says the BBC's diplomatic correspondent Paul Adams. He says at least some of the images appear to have been filmed from an Iranian helicopter that was also on the scene. According to a Wall Street Journal reporter on board the USS Boxer at the time, an Iranian Bell 212 helicopter was flying "yards away" from the vessel before being chased off by American helicopters.

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