International Academy on the Science and Impact of Cannabis

from The Gray Area:
This appears to be a scientific counter to the aggressively promoted political narrative for marijuana use. Common sense and science finding a place to work together? Doctors educating on Marijuana IASIC is an organization of international experts on cannabis who are guided by medicine and science to provide accurate and honest information that guides decision-making. We recognize that the use of cannabis is potentially harmful, and that policies or practices which enhance or increase the use of cannabis risk serious medical and social consequences. TOP 15 RISKS OF MARIJUANA ON HEALTH.
  1. Brain Development
  2. Psychosis
  3. Depression & Suicide
  4. Pain / Opioids
  5. Addiction
  6. Withdrawal
  7. Emergency Department Visits
  8. Motor Vehicle Collisions
  9. Cannabis Hyperesmesis Syndrome
  10. Neonatal Exposure
  11. Drug Interactions
  12. Contaminants
  13. Cardiovascular Health
  14. Pulmonary Health
  15. Cancer
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