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The most self-destructive force in the world


Without a doubt, the climate-obsessed green movement is the most stupidly self-destructive force in the world today, leaving a trail of irrationality and folly wherever it goes. The greens are rapidly making up ground on the socialists as the modern world's foremost economic and social saboteurs (and, of course, the two now work hand in hand).

Consider its recent record of destroying the country of Sri Lanka... Sri Lanka achieved one of the highest ESG, or Environmental, Social and Governance, scores in the world and destroyed its economy in the process. The country banned chemical fertilizers in April 2021 as it hurtled toward becoming the world's first all-organic country. It proved one small step ahead for environmental pieties and a giant leap backward for Sri Lankan farmers. A large proportion of land went dormant, and production of rice, tea and other crops dropped precipitously. The resulting economic calamity has led to the collapse of the government. This is basically the Green New Deal in miniature.

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