Democrats & AOC Pushing Their New Budget-Breaking Green New Deal

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from Patriot Journal,

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Market are reintroducing the Green New Deal

I am reintroducing the Green New Deal and announcing the Civilian Climate Corps with [Ocasio-Cortez] because we can’t wait to deliver environmental justice, create millions of new jobs, and save our planet for generations to come.” @Ed Markey

AOC decided that it wasn’t enough to just re-introduce the Green New Deal, so she gave some personal thoughts on the subject.

Let’s just say…they are scary.

Those who have been left behind come first. We refuse to allow… an economy that goes from oil bearance to solar bearance. That’s what we are not going to do because what we are going to do is that we’re going to transition to a 100% carbon-free economy that is more unionized, more just, more dignified, and guarantees more health care and housing than we ever have before.

Sounds amazing right? I’m just not sure if she knows that we live in the real world and not some sort of fairy tale.

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