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Media protecting Clinton

from The Gray Area:
New documents on Jeffrey Epstein dropped yesterday.coming from an order two weeks ago by U.S. District Judge to reveal the identities of about 150 people connected to Epstein in a defamation suit against his former partner, Ghislaine Maxwell.  Both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton are listed in the documents. Bill Clinton is listed 73 times, including a picture of him receiving a massage, notes of taking trips on Epstein's plane and quotes that he 'likes young girls'. Trump is mentioned only 4 times regarding a change of plans on arriving in NYC, denials from plaintiff of even hearing of Trump and legal comments about interview of Trump, without subpoena, which including useful and truthful information. The left wing media is doing it's best to equate this information, saying "few revelations" and "no wrongdoing alleged".  As of this writing, that it true, there is "little else" to discuss. In a normal world, that could be seen as responsible journalism. But, not really. Just imagine the media barrage of 'bombshell' disclosures if Donald Trump was mentioned 73 times in these docs. Or, if he was quoted as 'preferring young girls' or documented receiving massages. But, it was not Trump, so, nothing to see here. The 'responsible journalism' we might want to see here, is designed to protect Bill Clinton, period. Not to be missed, the right wing media is no better. It has been hungrily and dramatically looking for something to tie Democrats to Epstein.  Clinton is a no brainer, but 'little else'. More From USAToday: More From The Washington Post:
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