Sinema did the country a favor in supporting the filibuster, but....

from The Gray Area:

Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) made a very good speech in support of the Senate filibuster yesterday. Describing the fickle voting patterns of the American people to change the Congressional majority on a regular basis, she said the Senate filibuster is necessary to keep the fleeting majority control of the Senate from passing radical, non-partisan bills. She fairly discussed the impact of Democrat filibuster removal in 2013, to the Republican counter removal in 2017, which is now leading to removal of the overall filibuster rule. This makes party control the goal, not policy development for broader support. She restated George Washington's vision that partisan politics would ruin public liberty. She is correct on all these and other points she made. BUT! She also stated she fully supports the voting bills that President Biden is tying to the filibuster change. These are the worst legislation ever proposed in the US Congress. The detrimental affect this Democrat desperation to centralize and control our elections will have on this country will be fundamental and catastrophic. Barack Obama said in 2008 that he wanted fundamental change'. This bill to federalize elections will do that better than anything else that has been tried. So, be happy that Sen. Sinema's stand for the filibuster and eliminating partisan politics. But, remember, she supports a much worse action.

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