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Brexit: Theresa May says she understands 'the voice of the country'

from BBC,

Theresa May says she understands "the voice of the country" on Brexit, despite her own vocals wavering.

Battling a sore throat at Prime Minister's Questions, she insisted the UK can still leave the EU with a "good deal" and said she would vote later to rule out a no-deal exit on 29 March. But Mrs May warned MPs they faced "hard choices" having rejected her deal for a second time. Jeremy Corbyn called on the PM to change course after the defeat. He said the deal had been "decisively rejected" and it was time for the prime minister to change her red lines. After the Commons rejected Mrs May's Brexit deal by 149 votes on Tuesday, the EU has warned the risk of a "disorderly" Brexit has never been higher. Its chief negotiator Michel Barnier said the EU "cannot go any further" in trying to persuade MPs to back the agreed terms of exit and the UK had to break the impasse.

MPs will vote at 19.00 GMT on whether to block the UK from leaving the EU without an agreement later this month.

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