Labor Day is a Celebration of Work

from The Gray Area:

We work for 3 reasons.

There are threats to our American view of work, Socialism, Communism, & Marxism. These are innately problematic to free work. But, aren't we supposed to share everything as Jesus did? Subsidiarity, small communities are meant to work together. But a large group or government is never supposed to control work. A government could never equitably redistribute work and resources fairly and completely. Good needs to be done by choice, not by force. In these systems everyone is brought down and suffers equally. You lose your reasons for work. Thus the sources of wealth would run dry.

The poor who are perpetually given food to eat robs them of their dignity.

Capitalism is a useful tool, but if we are not careful a free market can turn into a god of its own, a system that promotes the destruction of jobs. Overall, this systems allows people to take responsibility in their lives and to exercise their own creativity.

Maintaining a moral and ethical society is critical in any system.

Labor lifts us up.

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