Hunter Biden's Tax case - California

Politically subtle alterations of news

from The Gray Area:

Political narratives in today's news environment MUST be supported. There are many tactics used to this end. These tactics include ignoring a counter narrative, labeling a counter narrative as extremist or otherwise bad, slamming the source of th3e counter narrative, denying what would otherwise be considered evidence were the target of the narrative viewed in a politically favorable position to the news source. Here we see another tactic, flagrant altering of quote to further the preferred narrative in the story. The narrative by the legacy media regarding accusations about a 'Biden crime family' has been there is 'no evidence' to support the allegations. To be able to continue that narrative, the New York Times was caught altering a quote from Hunter Biden. The alteration says Joe Biden was not involved. That's not what Hunter said. Remains to be seen what his involvement actually was/is. But media credibility & culpability cloud the real issue.

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