Sri Lanka Collapses and Dutch Farmers Revolt. Blame ‘Green’ Policies.

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from Daily Signal,

Sri Lanka is on fire and enraged protesters have stormed the presidential palace. Dutch farmers continue to protest all across the Netherlands by blocking roads with their tractors. Germany, Italy, and Poland have all had their own farmers’ protests, inspired by the Dutch.

Around the globe, protesters are expressing just how fed up they are with failed “green” policies.

The tension has been brewing for a long time. Last December, Sri Lanka’s government banned chemical fertilizers to force the country to move toward organic and environmentally friendly farming.

The results have been catastrophic.

After only seven months, the government was forced to revoke the program as crop yields plummeted and food prices skyrocketed. The New York Times reported that rice prices shot up by nearly one-third, while prices for vegetables rose five times what they were the year before.

Starving and unable to find relief, Sri Lankans began to rise up and revolt against their climate-obsessed government. On July 9, thousands converged on the presidential residence and stormed the gates.

Meanwhile, more than 5,000 miles away, Dutch farmers have spent the past three years protesting increasingly odious environmental regulations in their country. Things hit a fever pitch in June when the Dutch government announced a series of plans to try to reduce nitrogen oxide and ammonia emissions 50% by 2030.

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