The Vanderbilt Publicity Stunts Explain China’s War On America’s Competitive Spirit

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from Outkick,

China’s ban on Twitter might be its single greatest advantage over the United States of America.

Social media has accelerated America’s transition from a competition-based society to an attention-based one.

This acceleration can be most easily seen in the sports world.

The modern-day Muhammad Ali — Colin Kaepernick — has the resume of Jimmy Young, a heavyweight boxer most famous for losing a controversial decision to Ali. You no longer have to be the greatest to be compared to “The Greatest.” You simply need to win the social media attention competition.

The young ladies at Vanderbilt University have been inspired by the Kaepernick model. The Commodores women’s basketball team announced via Twitter Tuesday afternoon that they will not be partaking in the pregame national anthem. They will sit inside their locker room and “mourn” racial injustice.

That’ll fix it.

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