Enes Kanter Freedom | How a Former NBA Player, Human Rights Activist Supports Freedom & is Taking on the CCP

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from Heritage Foundation,

Enes Freedom dunked on professional basketball to fight for freedom. Join Kevin as the former NBA star shares his inspiring journey of sacrificing his career to advocate for human rights and democracy — a move that even caused his home country of Turkey to place a $500,000 bounty on his head.

From TikTok to the Uyghur genocide, the Chinese Communist Party has shown itself as brutal and dangerous. Even still, the goods China produces drive massive revenues here in America. So how can everyday Americans support freedom in China?

– How much does the CCP really influence everyday American life? Enes shares his perspective.

– Enes loves America so much that he changed his last name to “Freedom” upon becoming a citizen. But what exactly makes America so great, and how can we make it even better?

– Despite giving up basketball, family, and his safety, Enes continues defending human rights around the world. What keeps him motivated?

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