Tucker Carlson Unveils Four Biggest Liberal Lies of 2022

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from Western Journal,

It’s not that liberals don’t lie in other calendar years, but 2022 was a special annus indeed.

But, we did have us quite the bushel of little lies. Jussie Smollett was sentenced. Economic figures were fudged. Recession was redefined. And whatever Joe Biden said that was extremely problematic, the White House assured us, he never really uttered. Also, don’t ask any questions about what happened at Paul Pelosi’s house. Any.

From this list of hits, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said four lies in particular stood out this year as the biggest and boldest:

  1. the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline,
  2. the “pandemic of the unvaccinated,”
  3. Sam Bankman-Fried and,
  4. inflation.

“This was the year of lying. The people in charge tell an awful lot of lies. That’s what we learned, and we know this for sure, because while they are avid and committed liars, they’re not very good at it,” Carlson said on his Friday show.

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