The 10 worst things Joe Biden did in 2022

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by Marc Thiessen,

from The Washington Post,

10. He presided over a plethora of disasters

9. He called Georgia’s election law “Jim Crow 2.0”

8. He and his party urged Republicans to reject extremists while promoting them in GOP primaries

7. His administration discharged thousands of troops for refusing covid-19 vaccination

6. He begged foreign despots to produce more oil while weakening domestic production

5. In an unconstitutional power grab, he canceled up to $1 trillion in student loans

4. He has failed to avenge the Kabul airport bombing that killed 183 people, including 13 Americans

3. He signed into law an Inflation Reduction Act that will not reduce inflation or climate change

2. He made the worst border crisis in U.S. history even worse.

1. He slow-rolled military aid to Ukraine out of fear of provoking Vladimir Putin

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