Nancy Pelosi has written one last spending bill—and that should worry you

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from Heritage Action,

Congress has taken advantage of the Christmas season by using the Holiday as leverage to push through an $1.66 trillion omnibus spending bill. “Omnibus” simply means that this bill contains the funding for all the federal departments.

This spending would solidify Democratic priorities until the end of the fiscal year in September 2023 despite the fact the American people elected a new majority in the House. This is clearly a rejection of the will of the people. The NEW Congress, not the old, should set the agenda.

This massive 4,155 page bill was negotiated in secrecy, with no input from the new House majority, and lacks the transparency that YOU deserve!

The Democrats have NO respect for transparent governance. With a bill this large the truth is that we will not know all that is in it unless it passes. This is an absurd and backwards way of governing.

Here is some of what we know is in the Omnibus…so far :

  • $76.3 billion for DHS to process illegal immigrants into the country faster
  • $5 billion in Democrat earmarks
  • $45 billion in aid to Ukraine
  • $2 billion to combat “climate change”
  • $2.3 million to market Biden’s attempt to forgive student loans
  • $560 million for the Legal Services Corporation
  • And, we still don’t know all that is in it!

This broken process takes government funding hostage, leaving those responsible with little to no accountability and the American people with the financial and economic fallout.

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