Meet Kyrsten Sinema, Former Democrat of Arizona

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from The New York Times,

A conversation between Ms. Gail Collins and Mr.Bret Stephens, NYTimes opinion columnists.

Kyrsten Sinema. Not a fan of hers from the get-go. Always seemed as if her compulsive effort to prove she wasn’t really a loyal Democrat was less about political independence and more about making wealthy donors happy.

Bret: And this is on the theory that other politicians don’t care for what their wealthy donors think?

Gail: But her official spin is that the two-party system is broken, and virtue lies in standing outside as an independent. I hate that kind of thinking.

Bret: Whereas I love it. To me, the choice these days between Republicans and Democrats is about as appealing as a dinner invitation from Hannibal Lecter: Either you get your heart cut out or your brain removed, and both get served with a side of fava beans and a nice Chianti.

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