Lawmakers Steer Home More Than $15 Billion in Pet Projects

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from The New York Times,

The $1.7 trillion spending bill moving through Congress contains more than 7,200 earmarks for projects in lawmakers’ home states and districts.

Nearly $500 million in federal funds could be headed to South Florida for ecosystem restoration. Another $14,000 is meant for a library reading readiness program in Minnesota and $150,000 for a sidewalk project in Mapleton, Maine, a community of fewer than 2,000 people.

This week, lawmakers unveiled an expansive $1.7 trillion federal spending bill that needs to pass to prevent a shutdown and fund the government through next fall. Tucked into the sprawling legislation is $15 billion in earmarks, now known as community project funding, which directs federal funds for specific projects in members’ home states and districts.

Lawmakers from both parties stuffed such earmarks into the bill, including several Republicans who secured funding for hometown projects but have said they will not vote for the package.

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