Omnibus Spending Madness

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from Heritage Action for America,

Once again, the legislative session in Washington ran right up till Christmas. Yesterday afternoon, Congress passed a $1.85 TRILLION omnibus to fund the government through September 2023. This was a disastrous package and it’s a product of a broken system and irresponsible legislators.

For months, Heritage Action has been forcefully opposing an omnibus. We knew that major legislation in the lame-duck session of Congress would be a bad deal—and it is.

It is hard to overstate what a bad bill this is. It leaves our border wide open, while spending billions overseas to secure the borders of other nations. This bill’s massive 10.6% increase in domestic spending will only sustain the high inflation we’re all experiencing. This spending locks in Biden’s agenda for another 9 months—even after voters rejected that agenda last month.

This 4,000+ page bill was released only a few days ago. There was no meaningful debate, and not enough time to read it. This is an astounding level of hypocrisy with regards to spending transparency. Remember, it was this very same Congress that gave the IRS authority to see detailed transactions in your bank account to monitor how you spend your money!