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Deaths continue to decline in Florida, Dems flea blue states

from The Gray Area:
12/31/21; updated 1/3/22:

While trying to attack Florida Gov DeSantis, the Washington Post throws in that ... while .. the number of cases has exploded ... deaths continue to decline in Florida ... Cases make for media headlines but the fact is, cases are irrelevant. Hospitalizations and deaths matter. And after almost 2 years of this COVID mania, we all know how to treat cases and educe hospitalizations and death. Florida is apparently doing that. Yet Democrat politicians are locking down states and cities and leaving town for 'free' locales. Now that is ripe for the question of 'where is _______ (fill in your favoriste Democrat politician)?' New Jersey Gov. Murphy blasted for Costa Rica travel as COVID-19 omicron variant surges AOC in Miami Beach for 'taste of freedom' as New York sees record number of COVID cases Jimmy Failla on AOC's Miami trip: This is why liberal politicians 'lost the locker room'

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