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Christopher Steele re-emerges from 'Out of the Shadows' conveniently defiant on dossier

from The Gray Area:

Retired British spy Christopher Steele is stepping out of the shadows to discuss his so-called “Steele dossier” for the first time publicly, describing his efforts as apolitical and defending his decision to include the most explosive and criticized claims about Donald Trump contained in his controversial 2016 report.

Well, isn't that convenient.

As we wait for possible indictments from the Durham Investigation. As we set through one Biden Administration failure after another. As we endure his tyrannical government overreach into American lives. As we continue to ignore his son Hunter's many scandals. Christopher Steele emerges in an interview with George Stpahanopoulos this weekend.

The already discredited 'dossier' he helped author is allowed again to be paraded as truth in the left wing, mainstream media. Try to get someone on with fact about the 2020 election fraud and they will be summarily dismissed by the media, and reported to the DOJ for criminal offenses for even thinking such a thing. But not Democrat political narratives. True or not they get airtime.

This story primarily gets airtime as an attempt to distract the public from vaccine mandates, Durham, Hunter, and the rest. Get the public thinking, was this really true? Also, another opportunity to throw dirt on Trump, a never ending process of the media, true or not.

So, just file this one as media cover for Democrats and TDS.

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