This is frightening!

from The Gray Area:
That after a year, no one is found to be the person, or persons, responsible for the leak of Roe draft opinion in the Dobbs Case last year is frightening. Now that the culprits know what leak processes worked, what will be leaked next, or worse?
  • Those who told their spouses should be immediately fired! Some have spouses in the media!
  • To have someone who worked there to be as uninterested in the security & privacy of the Supreme Court, is an example of the lack of respect for our Constitutional institutions today. The end justifies the means.
  • To have discovered how lax the security appears within the Supreme Court is atrocious, though they swear no one hacked the IT systems.
  • It is no surprise that COVID lockdowns and other practices increased the lapses in security at the Court.
I will bet you the justices know who did it, but can't yet prove it, as they said, with a preponderance of the evidence. As The Wall Street Journal ponders; Did a distraught justice try to derail a pending U.S. Supreme Court decision last year by leaking a draft opinion? We may never learn the answer...Would a justice betray the trust of colleagues and break the court’s tradition of confidential deliberation? Some have speculated that one of the court’s conservative members or staff might have leaked the draft decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization as a way to hold the majority in place. Perhaps, but surely the losing justices on the left or their clerks had a greater motive to throw the proceedings into chaos, potentially disrupting the pending decision and supporting the despicable leftist narrative that the court lacks legitimacy. They and all the current justices and staff deserve the presumption of professionalism, but someone at the court has broken a trust. The bottom line is without an identification and conviction of this culprit, the Court continues to be compromised in its deliberations and decisions. That is more than frightening. I'm afraid it foretells worse to come. More From The Wall Street Journal:

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