Chief Justice AGAIN sides with the liberal block, in major hit to 'court packing' argument

from The Gray Area:
Chief Justice John Roberts has again sided with the liberal block of Supreme Court Justices. The U.S. Supreme Court has blocked enforcement of California's pandemic-inspired restrictions on at-home religious gatherings, saying the plaintiffs are likely to prevail in their claim that the state's rules violate the First Amendment. The Court previously had issued emergency injunctions against California's limits on gatherings in houses of worship, and Friday's decision confirms that the same principles apply to services in people's homes. Chief Justice John Roberts ...joined a dissent by Justices Stephen Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor, Justice Elena Kagan. The left wing of the Court, Breyer, Sotomayor & Kagan, vote in unison on every issue, making any inclination toward compromise and restraint from the left unrealistic to expect. You are much more likely to get a vote from the conservative side, who do not vote in unison (see the 2020 election cases & John Roberts record), in support of a liberal issue because they read the Constitution, not the political desires associated with the issue. Siding with this liberal block is now a regular occurrence for the Chief Justice. The only important point to remember about this voting pattern is that a regular argument from the left in support of 'court packing' is the supposed 6-3 conservative hold on the Supreme Court. This is clearly not true. Roberts sides with the left wing more than the right, making the court at best, 5-4, as this and other rulings indicate. More From The Washington Post: More From Reason:

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