the INVEST in America Act (H.R. 3684). This is the House Democrats’ version of a surface transportation reauthorization bill. Roughly every few years, Congress votes on a bill to reauthorize transportation spending. While normal spending for this bill ranges from $300-500 billion dollars, this bill is expected to cost $715 billion. Recently a bipartisan Senate deal was struck on infrastructure. The INVEST Act and the Senate’s bipartisan deal will lay the groundwork for a future reconciliation bill.

The Left’s Climate Humiliation

from The Wall Street Journal,

President Biden promised progressives that his budget bill would finally deliver them their long-sought climate stick. What they’re getting instead is the same old carrot: corporate welfare.

In fact, the climate deal is a humiliating loss for both the president and congressional progressives—as further-left media organizations acknowledged over the past week. “The Centerpiece of Biden’s Climate Agenda Is All But Dead,” Mother Jones railed. “Progressive lawmakers seem resigned to losing their clean energy program,” Jacobin complained. “Biden’s Incredible Shrinking Climate Plan,” the New Republic groused. Several activists from the Sunrise Movement, an originator of the Green New Deal, are staging a hunger strike outside the White House.

Mr. Biden’s newest framework promises $555 billion to combat climate change. A White House fact sheet boasts this is the “largest single investment” in U.S. history, and the Beltway press is dutifully propagating that message. Outlets assured that this “massive” new spending on green-energy subsidies would give the president credibility as he arrives at next week’s climate summit in Glasgow.

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