Why Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Will Likely Only Worsen Supply Chain Crisis

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from The Heritage Foundation,

President Joe Biden on Nov. 15 signed his infrastructure bill, a trillion-plus-dollar handout to left-wing special interests masquerading as a solution to the supply chain crisis he created.

The administration is touting the bill as a fix, but the truth is, the bill is at best irrelevant, and most likely will make the crisis worse, at an enormous cost to taxpayers.

The core of the supply chain crisis is a lack of capacity at ports and among truckers—and a historic shortage of workers, now at 10.4 million unfilled jobs nationwide.

Rather than fixing this crisis, this bill instead uses it as an excuse to push a gigantic handout for special interests, radical left-wing activists, and unions.

Even the useful bits of the bill, such as dredging, roads, and rail, go to projects that have little to do with actual supply chains.

At best it will do nothing for the supply chain crisis, and most likely it will only deepen the crisis by hogging resources and disrupting struggling networks.

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