2020 Election Disputes
The 2020 Presidential Election was undecided after November 3rd election day due to mail in ballots. Many disputes have arisen about timing, legality, & fraud during the counting of these ballots post-election day. Political & legal maneuvering will continue until these disputes are cleared up or the Supreme Court decides on them. Only then will a new President be declared from the 2020 Election. It has been known since the election process was expanded to include massive mail-in ballots due to COVID, that whichever side loses will consider the election fraudulent and stolen by the other side.

Read this and make your own decision about election fraud ... there are dozens of these around the country!

from The Gray Area:

In Virginia, Rep Abigail Spanberger (D) was losing big and then a box of tens of thousands of ballots were found and she won.

Here in Pa, after the Pennsylvania court ruled, a box of ballots were found with date errors on them that gave this state seat to the Democrat incumbent.

There are dozens of other examples like this. When is an election over? Can you go out and 'harvest' ballots after the election if you are losing? Do you stop 'harvesting' and announce the election over when you get enough to win? Does this pass your stink test?

from The Wall Street Journal,

She was up by four votes, until the state Supreme Court ruled.

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