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Why today?

from The Gray Area:

Why did Pelosi chose today to send the impeachment articles to the Senate after a month delay? Easy. What else was scheduled to happen today? Trump was signing the first phase of a new trade deal with china. This China deal is huge for Trump and the US. He has been negotiating it his entire presidency. And today it is coming to fruition. What can the Democrats do to dim the glow of that signing. Have one of their own. Sign the impeachment articles and parade them over to the Senate. And it was supposed to be such a somber and constitutional day, too. Yet the Democrats were laughing, taking pictures and fist pumping their way through the day.

Instead of the China trade deal being on the front pages for a week, it is having to, at best, share billing with impeachment. But, it is probably overshadowed by the impeachment mess. Another win for the cover up strategy of the Democrats and the media. This is not the first and won't be the last implementation of this successful strategy. Remember the separating children and putting them in cages last year? That dropped on top of the first IG report on the FBI. Remember Pelosi's dramatic press conference announcing an impeachment investigation. That dropped on the same day as President Trump making a dramatic and impressive speech at the UN. Just two of many. If only this impeachment had facts and /or something was really done wrong, but it is not. It is only about political theater and the continuing fight over a lost election. The big one though is yet to come. The Barr investigation. The Democrats are building this impeachment charade and trying to keep it going as their counter to the results of the Barr investigation. More to come......

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