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from The Gray Area:
3/30/22; updated 3/31/22:
Why did a Biden regulator all of a sudden 'pause' American gas pipeline climate change regulations? It seems strange for an administration hell bent on applying climate change alarmism to every area of American life, to back track. Here's why. Just 3 day prior, Biden struck a natural gas deal to reduce Europe’s reliance on Russia. Certainly a good thing to do to help Europe separate further from Russian oil & gas. Can't deliver on this contract if U.S. production is limited by regulations though. Also, think about it. Biden can ease regulations on American natural gas production to help Europe, but not to help Americans. Just like Biden can cancel the America/Canada Keystone Pipeline, but approve the Nordstream Russian pipeline to help Europe.  Yet, Democrats & the media continue to say Biden policies, i.e., regulations, have nothing to do with the availability and price of oil & gas in America. So rather than change his policies, he now opens up our strategic oil reserves. These are not supposed to be used for failed policies, but for emergencies. Why such inconsistent & illogical leadership?  Very simply, the progressive goal is eliminating American fossil fuels, Biden and every Democrat says so. The Russian invasion of Ukraine added a complication to that plan that required America to step up with its vast resources for Europe. Vast resource that the Biden Administration was happy to limit for Americans. The narrative 'America last' seems to ring true here doesn't it. The progressive left has no plan to replace the huge worldwide need for fossil fuel based energy.  Even progressive electric cars will not find electricity to recharge if this dramatic elimination of fossil fuels were to happen. Letting America do without puts a hardship on every American, makes us more manageable, easier to agree with their plans and thus speeds them toward the ultimate goal. How much pain should Americans feel for this misguided effort? Apparently a lot, but, not others around the world. By the way, note that others around the world have socialist style governments (EU), which is also where progressives want America to be.  Coincidence that we help them get stronger and America get weaker?  I think not. When you understand the objective, then it becomes crystal clear what progressives' inconsistent & illogical tactics are all about.

from TPPF,
What to Know: Even federal agencies can’t deny reality forever; the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission paused a crackdown on natural gas when even Democrats in Congress say we need more American energy. The TPPF Take: It’s time to loosen the stranglehold on American energy production. “The solution to our energy problems, war or no, lies right here on and just off our shores, if the Biden administration will get out of the way and let American energy producers flourish,” says TPPF’s Jason Isaac. “We must get the federal government out of the way and allow America’s energy producers to thrive.” More From TPPF:

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