Biden strikes a natural gas deal to reduce Europe’s reliance on Russia.

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from The New York Times,

President Biden said the United States would send more natural gas to Europe, though he did not specify how given that the U.S. is already near its export capacity.

The United States announced a deal with European leaders on Friday to increase shipments of natural gas to help wean Europe off Russian energy. And Germany set an ambitious goal of halving its imports of Russian oil and coal this year and freeing itself from its dependence on Russian natural gas by the middle of 2024.

Germany’s timelines, outlined by its vice chancellor, are a remarkable turnabout by Europe’s largest economy, which has long relied extensively on Russia for energy.

European Union countries agree to jointly purchase gas.

European leaders announced the decision on Friday after a historic series of summits on Thursday, when they met alongside NATO and the Group of 7 industrialized nations, and were joined by President Biden with the intention of rallying allies against Russia.

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