Republicans won the House in 2010 mid-term election, retaining the House in 2012 and claiming the Senate in the 2014 mid-terms. The Republicans continued their climb back to power in 2016 by retaining the House and Senate and adding the Presidency as Donald Trump won a resounding electoral college victory claiming 30 states. Though he lost the popular vote, President Trump moves into 2017 with a populist victory, a conservative agenda and control of the Congress to roll back President Obama's liberal policies.

Republican Dan Bishop Wins North Carolina Congressional Seat With Trump’s Support

from The Wall Street Journal,

Do-over vote stemming from ballot tampering seen as bellwether for the 2020 election.

Voters in a conservative congressional district picked President Trump ally Republican Dan Bishop in Tuesday’s special election instead of a Democrat who had promised to seek compromise in Washington. Mr. Bishop, a 55-year-old state senator who campaigned on a promise to be in lockstep with Mr. Trump, defeated Democrat Dan McCready in the Ninth Congressional District based in the suburbs of Charlotte. In his victory speech, Mr. Bishop said he would go to Washington to protect the border, fight Democrats in the House and support the Trump agenda. “Under this president, America is great again,” he said. Mr. McCready, a 36-year-old veteran and entrepreneur, had campaigned as a centrist, emphasizing his service as a Marine in the Iraq war and pledging to put country over party. Mr. McCready said late Tuesday he was proud that the campaign came so close to carrying a reliably Republican district.

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