The ‘State’ Does Not Support Life!

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from The Gray Area:

This is what we have come to.

A new decision by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals holds that New York’s state government has the right to ban “Choose Life” license plates on the grounds that such a statement is “patently offensive.”

The State, in this case New York State, but, in general the ‘State’ referring to government control, does not support life!

Proof of this is in the following statement about New York’s Second Circuit Court of Appeals decision: … the DMV claimed it was simply carrying out a general ban on plates concerning politically divisive topics, since government-issued license plates could be perceived as government-sponsored speech. However, in the past the DMV has approved pro-union and pro-environmental plates.

So ‘life’ is not to be ‘perceived as government sponsored speech‘.

No matter where you stand on the abortion issue, this cultural acceptance of ‘state’ sponsored censorship, should be clearly un-American to you. If not, reconcile the ‘State of NY’ position with the Declaration of Independence’s renowned concept of ‘life’, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the most basic protected human rights.

Doesn’t it seem down right silly when viewed on its own? Promoting unions and climate change are also divisive political issues which could incite road rage, are they not? But they are sponsored political speech by the ‘State’, so acceptable and not ‘offensive’. Is it what the ‘State’ fears that the left is more violent in their reaction to opposing political messages?

This is only one of many such “state’ controlled speech. Other examples of the movement to ‘State’ control can be seen regularly in these political areas; Abortion, Gay Marriage, Media and Religion.

– Pro-Life group on school campus is “too controversial.”

– Obamacare mandates Abortion coverage. Religious opposition is unacceptable.

– Marine court-martialed for displaying bible verse.

Local Pizza company in Indiana closed down, not for denying service to gay clients, but for answering a question about the subject. Did the ‘State’ help protect the pizza company owners? No.

Prof. John McAdams suspended by Jesuit-run Marquette University. He was suspended after defending a student’s right to speak out in favor of God’s marriage.

High School salutatarian speech redacted

– Media is a Democrat ‘revolving door’.

– Executive Orders (Obamacare changes, Immigration, LGBT, taxes, etc.) or Presidential decrees?

Re-education camps in America?

Houston mayor demands to see all sermons by Christian pastors

Laws proposed to eliminate free speech!

Yes, this is what we have come to. It has taken 100 years and hundreds of actions by progressive ‘fundamental change’ artists to reach this broad based ‘state’ control of speech and ‘fundamentally change’ America to this.

Wake up! Recognize the slow death of America by 1,000 ‘State’ controlled cuts.