News Media-Obama Revolving Door to 30

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from The Media Research Center,

You already know the Obama administration relies on the liberal media to advance their leftist agenda and attack conservatives, but new research shows that Obama is strengthening his grip on the megaphone.

Just recently, two more Barack Obama activists were awarded with high-profile jobs in the media.

Ronan Farrow, a former “special adviser” to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Joy-Ann Reid, a former press aide for Obama’s presidential campaign, have both earned themselves jobs on MSNBC, where they can parrot White House talking points directly to the American people.

There are now more than 30 Obama activists who’ve made the transition between the campaign trail and the media megaphone. And it’s not just MSNBC. They’re masquerading at ABC, NBC, CNN, The Washington Post and more!

The revolving door turns the other way, too. High-ranking officials from the White House to the Departments of Education, Homeland Security and State got their cushy administration jobs as a reward for their faithful service to Obama as reporters, editors and producers.

The revolving door between the Obama administration and the media is no accident. Barack Obama knows the leftist media will be his most important mouthpiece in the critical 2014 midterm elections. Millions of our fellow Americans rely on the establishment press for their news, and it’s time they got the TRUTH, not left-wing spin and distortions!

With two political activists, who toiled for Barack Obama, starting hosting duties today with new shows on MSNBC (Ronan Farrow’s 1 PM EST Ronan Farrow Daily and Joy-Ann Reid’s 2 PM EST The Reid Report), the Media Research Center’s list of those revolving between working on behalf of Obama and positions in the news media has reached 30.

(Ours is a strict “revolving door” list, sticking to those with jobs as reporters, editors, correspondents, anchors, producers or media executives, not those who just have or had roles as “contributors” to news outlets. And we’re sticking to those with a direct tie to one of Obama’s campaigns or a position within his administration, so none of the many others in the news media who currently or have in the past put in stints for Democratic officials or even liberal groups which advance Obama’s agenda. For instance, that leaves out Teddy Davis, who in 2010 jumped from ABC News, where he was Deputy Political Director, to the left-wing Service Employees International Union.

Also, not here: Relatives, such as ABC’s Claire Shipman, who is married to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.)

See the list of 30 at the bottom of this report from The Media Research Center: