Pro-Life Group on school campus is “too controversial”!

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Is it okay to have an LGBT organization in a high school? Yes. Is it okay to have a pro-choice group in a high school? Yes. Is it okay to have a pro-life group in a high school? That would be no! Why? Because life is “too controversial”. Excuse me.

from Catholic Vote,

Since last year, Kristan Hawkins, the president of Students for Life of America, the nation’s largest pro-life youth organization, has been working with brave high school pro-life students, Brigid and Katie in Fargo, North Dakota.

These two girls have courageously volunteered to start a much needed Students for Life group at two public high schools in Fargo – Fargo North High School and Davies High School. Despite the fact that their schools have allowed a “Gay-Straight Alliance” on campuses, both of their public high schools have denied Brigid and Katie their constitutional guaranteed right to freedom of speech and assembly saying that starting a pro-life group will be “too controversial!”

In fact, their administrators have put these students through extensive questioning, including inappropriate questions about their religious affiliations, and have gone to the entire Fargo School Board to stop pro-life student groups from being started in the entire city!!

It’s outrageous!

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