You’ll have to decide

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from The Gray Area:

As you might expect, there are competing opinions on the impact the Trump ‘hush money’ verdict will have on the 2024 Presidential Election. Ignoring sentencing impacts to come later, The Washington Post and YouGov polling says ‘no change’. By the time that verdict was handed down, most Americans had already developed fixed perceptions of what he had done and how important it was. The pollsters conducted interviews in mid-May and then re-interviewed many of the same people after the verdict. The change? Not much.

Yet, The Federalist reported that The WinRed fundraising platform the former president’s 2024 campaign uses crashed following the jury’s verdict, reportedly because of a surge in interest and donations.  EPOCH TV reported; Trump’s Campaign Gets Windfall of Cash After Verdict.

In addition, FoxBusiness reported that prominent business executives have warned that more New York enterprises and their leaders may fall victim to “no rule of law” in the wake of Donald Trump’s guilty verdict. “If they can do this to a business person like Donald Trump, they could do it to anybody in New York and a lot of businesses. A lot of people are concerned that there is no rule of law,” billionaire CEO John Catsimatidis said Friday on “Mornings with Maria.”

A double NY business whammy. If you remember, immediately after the first New York verdict, in the Trump ‘bank loan fraud’ trial, NY Governor Hochul had to go on New York radio to re-assure New York business people that the same won’t happen to them, as long as they ‘follow the law’ and aren’t Donald Trump! Two questionable legal decisions against business dealings seem to send the same negative message to New York businesses.

To me, the fact that this latest verdict did not change many opinions, means the Biden camp still has a problem. These verdicts will be prominent parts of the campaigns. Both Biden and Trump campaigns came out with new ads immediately following the verdict to capitalize.

Watch for other tactics to help overcome those obstacles to a Democrat victory. Things like legalizing immigrants to create new voters, states allowing non-citizen voting, sentencing from these two decisions (one due on July 11th), more election eligibility challenges, and other more frightening things only the genius, creative political minds on the left can dream up.

You will have to decide – – – in more ways than one.

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