After the verdict, views of Trump’s N.Y. trial didn’t shift

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from The Washington Post,

Donald Trump had much more success persuading his peers outside his Manhattan courtroom than the 12 jurors within it.

From the moment he was indicted in New York last year — and before it, really — Trump framed the effort as inherently political and, by extension, inherently invalid. Last week, the jurors offered their disagreement: Trump, in their estimation, was criminally responsible for the falsification of business records aimed at covering up a hush money payment to adult-film actress Stormy Daniels. But by the time that verdict was handed down, most Americans had already developed fixed perceptions of what he had done and how important it was.

We can see this in national polling conducted by YouGov for CBS News. The pollsters conducted interviews in mid-May and then reinterviewed many of the same people after the verdict. The change? Not much.

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